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What will I learn?

Find out more about the National Autism Trainer Programme (NATP).

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On the National Autism Trainer Programme (NATP) you will gain an understanding of autistic mental health and barriers experienced by autistic people.

You will hear of and discuss examples of existing good practices and innovative approaches of working with, rather than on or for, autistic individuals, including how to reduce restrictive practice.

You will gain an understanding of the value of modelling collaborative, relational and person-centred values, with your colleagues and with the autistic people you support, and of promoting a balanced narrative about neurodiversity.

You will practise how to facilitate the delivery of slides and animations in your service with the support of an autistic Expert by Experience co-Trainer. You will be able to explain some key approaches/frames including:

  • a trauma-informed approach

  • an experience-sensitive approach and

  • the SPELL framework.

You will be supported continuously with the practicalities of arranging the delivery of training and growing your skills as a Trainer.

How is this training different?

Our programme offers a humanising approach, differentiating it from many established or traditional courses where the major focus is on the clinical features of autism and how these are regarded and responded to.

Our training seeks to inform practice through an examination of perceptions of autism. It offers insights and practical strategies drawn from autistic and trauma-informed experiences, whilst acknowledging the challenges faced by autistic people and staff working across different settings. 

“It felt like a safe space where I could admit to also having some biases/negative associations with people who have autism, despite working in an autism service and being keen to learn how to support people.”      Training participant