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    Interpersonal Psychotherapy Training for Adolescents with Depression (IPT-A)

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    About this course

    Please send the completed application form and associated documents to before making a booking.

    This six-day course, including one follow-up refresher day, will provide a comprehensive introduction to the knowledge competencies of IPT-A for depression in adolescents and an introduction to the skills competencies, which will be developed more fully in supervised clinical casework. The course aims to enable students to deliver IPT-A competently and creatively and to act as expert resources to professional colleagues, contributing to the development of appropriate care pathways for IPT-A and informed patient choice.  This course is based on the overarching competency framework for CYP.

    The course has a broad theoretical base, reflecting the integration of medical and interpersonal models of depression.  In addition to providing practical, intensive and detailed skills training, the course will aim to increase students’ knowledge base of theory and research in IPT-A. This course will further introduce students to theories of evidence-based practice, feedback-informed practice, young people's participation, adolescents’ psychological development (social, emotional, moral) and Mentalization.  Anna Freud brings together those with a stake in the mental health of children and young people. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive a bi-monthly e-newsletter and occasional updates about Anna Freud's training and events. 


    "Thank you. Great to have case discussions and dare I say even role play! Time was always made available for questions and interaction and for us to be ale to have anything clarified." - Participant, September 2021

    "I was very impressed by the high quality and content of the training." - Participant, September 2021

    "I enjoyed the course much more than I was expecting, and I think I also learned much more than I was expecting, much of which was relevant to my clinical practice generally and not only specifically to IPT. A big thank you to Roslyn, and Bob, and the administrators, and my fellow participants!" - Participant, September 2021

    "Just to say thank you to Roslyn for all the energy and enthusiasm brought to the course." - Participant, September 2021

    Dr Roslyn Law

    Dr Roslyn Law

    Consultant Clinical Psychologist

    A consultant clinical psychologist working with children, adolescents and adults.