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Interpersonal Psychotherapy Training for Adolescents with Depression (IPT-A)

Learn more about our Interpersonal Psychotherapy Training for Adolescents with depression (IPT-A).

About this training

This six-day course, including one follow-up refresher day, will provide a comprehensive introduction to the knowledge competencies of IPT-A for depression in adolescents and an introduction to the skills competencies, which will be developed more fully in supervised clinical casework.

The course aims to enable students to deliver IPT-A competently and creatively and to act as expert resources to professional colleagues, contributing to the development of appropriate care pathways for IPT-A and informed patient choice.  This course is based on the overarching competency framework for CYP.

The course has a broad theoretical base, reflecting the integration of medical and interpersonal models of depression.  In addition to providing practical, intensive and detailed skills training, the course will aim to increase students’ knowledge base of theory and research in IPT-A.

This course will further introduce students to theories of evidence-based practice, feedback-informed practice, young people's participation, adolescents’ psychological development (social, emotional, moral) and Mentalization. 

Please follow the application process below before making a booking.

Aims of this training  

This training aims to equip students to become skilled and creative independent IPT-A practitioners in the context of service transformation and develop:

  • Practical skills in delivering IPT-A for depression. 

  • Practical competency in working collaboratively with parents and educational services as part of routine treatment of depression in young people

  • Practice skills in conceptualizing and formulating from an interpersonal perspective and to develop a critical understanding of the parameters of such an approach

  • Critical knowledge of the theoretical origins and research literature relating to IPT-A for depression.

Who is this training for?

Applicants with a range of training backgrounds are welcome e.g. clinical and counselling psychologists, counsellors, child psychotherapists, psychiatrists, nurse therapists, social workers, and GP’s.

The course is not suitable for applicants who wish to acquire basic therapeutic skills.

Dr Roslyn Law

Dr Roslyn Law

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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