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Alumni Around the Globe

Check out our Regional Alumni Ambassadors from across the globe.

The Alumni Network is proud to have a number of exceptional graduates across the globe who act as our Regional Ambassadors.

Our ambassadors play a crucial role as representatives of the Anna Freud Centre’s postgraduate programmes, helping to raise the profile of our programmes and recruit excellent applicants from a range of backgrounds. The roles maintain both our presence within and links to regions across the world, and ambassadors have been instrumental in helping to build and raise our profile globally. Their local knowledge and personal experience of postgraduate study at the Centre are incredibly valuable for promoting our programmes and responding to queries from prospective students, as well as helping to build regional networks of alumni.

We are delighted that the following Regional Ambassadors are continuing in their roles:

We are seeking ambassadors for other regions across the globe, including the UK.  If you do not see your region represented and would like to consider becoming a Regional Ambassador, we would welcome interest from any Anna Freud alumni. Please contact us at