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Reflective Functioning on Parent Development Interview (RF-PDI)

Learn more about our Reflective Functioning on Parent Development Interview (RF-PDI) training.

About this training

This training aims to provide an understanding of parental reflective functioning (RF)/mentalization and to become a reliable coder of RF of the Parent Development Interview.

The first full day will provide a brief introduction to the Parent Development Interview and the theory of parental mentalizing. Delegates will be shown how the RF coding system works and how to apply the manual to interviews with parents. The next four sessions will be spent coding interview transcripts together. The course will include homework which must be completed overnight and which will form the basis of discussion the next day.

More information about the PDI and other training courses with the author can be found here

Aims of the training

Delegates will learn how to assign the correct RF score to statements within the categories - ("Giving a single score"). They will also learn how to code a complete Parent Development Interview, showing in a practical way what to underline in the text of the interview and what to report on the coding sheet.

Who is this training for?

This training is suitable for researchers and practitioners who are interested in caregiver mentalizing. The coding system provides a deep understanding of caregiver mentalizing and how it can be assessed through interview methods. The skills that participants will gain from this course can be used for research or in applied clinical settings, such as in parenting assessments or intervention planning.

Michelle Sleed

Michelle Sleed

Research Psychologist

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