1 day

About this course

This course consists of three one-day trainings that are now a required part of the DIT supervisor qualification, in addition to the two post- qualification DIT supervised cases and six hours of consultation of your supervision.

The three days will introduce general teaching on psychodynamic supervision as well as focus on particular challenges of supervision within the DIT model. The focus will include discussion of the general competencies for psychodynamic supervision including parallel processes in supervision and managing a supervision group; managing risk in supervision of DIT, evaluation components in DIT supervision and how to give feedback to supervisees; the appropriate DIT supervisory stance; working with remote supervision; issues of GDPR and ethics in supervision; managing dual roles of evaluation and skills development, common difficulties encountered in DIT supervision and how to overcome these,  and providing a forum for supervisors to share their concerns, resources and support one another while also ensuring greater coherence and consistency across DIT supervisors.    

DAY ONE: this focuses particularly on working with the revised DIT competencies and applying these to clinical work, working group of clinical issues that arise in DIT supervision and providing feedback.

DAY TWO: This focuses on formulation skills within DIT supervision; risk and ethical issues in DIT supervision including information governance.

DAY THREE: This includes some teaching on group psychodynamic supervision dynamics including parallel processes; consideration of remote DIT supervision; holding dual roles of evaluation and skills development in DIT supervision.

Participants are required to take turns to present their supervisory work as part of the learning objectives of the course.

If you would like to attend all three days you will need to book these as three separate events. The fee is £200 per day.


Who is this course suitable for?

All people who are qualifying as DIT supervisors as well as any existing DIT supervisors who want to top up their skills and meet their ongoing CPD requirements as DIT supervisors.

Newly qualifying DIT supervisors must attend all three days unless they have demonstrable psychodynamic supervision experience; existing DIT supervisors must attend at least one day a year.

Aims of course

  • To teach/consolidate psychodynamic supervision skills within the DIT model
  • To bring DIT supervisors up to date with developments in DIT and refine concepts in the model
  • To provide a supportive clinical forum for shared supervisory concerns
  • To ensure there is a shared set of standards and consistency across DIT supervisors