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    Traumatic bereavement: working therapeutically with children and young people

    A course designed to help bereaved children and young people cope with their trauma.

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    About this course

    This evidence-based course has been developed by experts from the UK Trauma Council and is delivered by the Clinical Co-Lead of the Traumatic Bereavement resource portfolio.

    Traumatic bereavement

    The way that a child or young person experiences or understands death - the meaning they make of it - can result in it being experienced as traumatic.

    The trauma gets in the way of the typical process of grief and blocks the child or young person's ability to process the loss.  This can result in difficulties that can be severe and long-lasting.

    Traumatic bereavement may be easily missed or misunderstood, meaning that children’s difficulties are not recognised, even by experienced practitioners. It is vital that these children are identified and given appropriate help and support. 

    The global pandemic has resulted in more than 100,000 additional deaths in the UK. Many of these will have been sudden and unexpected. Children and young people may not have been able to visit people who were ill in hospital and may not have had a chance to say goodbye. This, combined with restrictions on normal grieving rituals such as funerals, and less social support, means that there is likely to be many more traumatically bereaved children and young people.

    Course overview

    This course is for practitioners and clinicians working therapeutically with bereaved children and young people in a variety of settings. Please see section 1.2 (pages 6-7) of the Traumatic Bereavement Clinical Guide for a list of competencies we suggest those attending the course would meet.

    The course will provide an introduction to traumatic bereavement and practical approaches to identification, measurement and formulation-driven support.  It will explore how to apply these approaches to children and young people in a therapeutic setting.

    The number of delegates is intentionally limited to ensure that there is time and space for discussions and scope to tailor the content to the specific needs of the group. Anna Freud brings together those with a stake in the mental health of children and young people. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive a bi-monthly e-newsletter and occasional updates about Anna Freud's training and events.