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We are currently recruiting for new Young Champions!

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Our team of Young Champions work with us to ensure that the views and experiences of young people help shape the work we do, covering topics such as clinical services, digital innovation, research and training.   

Our Young Champions get involved in activities such as:

  • Designing new services and projects at the Centre.
  • Co-facilitating workshops and training.
  • Taking part in public speaking opportunities through the media or at events, to talk about their experiences and/or raise awareness of the work we deliver.
  • Attend regular socials and Youth Panels - where we discuss and design resources at the Centre.
  • Influencing clinical services and policy at a local and national level.

As a Young Champion you will meet like-minded people, develop skills for the future and take part in fun experiences. We provide all our Young Champions with access to training and support (including helping with expenses).


Young Champion projects


A project designed and delivered by a Young Champion, Amy, with support from Centre staff, Lingo provides insights into the experiences of children and young people when they talk about their mental health to adults and professionals (pages 3-8). This booklet also provides insights into the experiences of the adults and professionals that children and young people come into contact with.

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