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Working with services can be daunting.

These films have been developed by young people with experience of working with services to help other young people make meaningful choices about their care, answer frequently asked questions and provide a balanced view, considering both the positive and negative of working with services.

Throughout the site we use the term therapist but this term could mean counsellor, doctor, worker, clinician or any mental health professional that you might work with.

Meet the contributors

This section has been co-produced with children and young people including the Centre's Young Champions and features staff from across the Centre. 

The Centre would also like to thank The Pixel Fund for supporting the development of the Receiving Support and Understanding Treatment pages.

  • Jessica Brennan

    Jessica contributes blogs and guidance as both a service-user and young person alongside her role as the Fundraising Officer at the Centre. Jess has been one of many young voices who have helped shape the Receiving Support section.

  • Claire Evans

    Claire Evans is Head of Service Improvement for the Centre who manages the Participation team including the Centre's Young Champions with over 25 years experience of working with children and young people.

  • Dr. Peter Fuggle

    Dr. Peter Fuggle is Director of Clinical and Service Improvement at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. Since 1984, Peter has worked at different times as a clinical psychologist in services for children with disability, paediatrics and in child mental health services.

  • Dr. Roslyn Law

    Dr. Roslyn Law is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist for the Centre who has worked in a number of clinical settings, including primary care and specialist psychotherapy services for eating disorders, post traumatic reactions and sexual health.

  • Katherine Mautner

    Katherine Mautner is a Senior Clinician whose work at the Centre includes working with families with complex needs often with children on the edge of care or who have been through the care system

  • Dr. Emma Morris

    Dr Emma Morris is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Centre for Children and Families. Prior to this, Emma worked for 10 years at the Marlborough Family Service, a CAMHS based in Westminster. Her experience and training spans adult mental health, child and adolescent mental health and Learning Difficulties.

  • David Trickey

    David Trickey is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Centre who specialises in working with children, young people and their families who have experienced trauma or traumatic bereavement.