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Creative writing

Creative writing can be an amazing way of expressing the thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing. Some people find that it helps them realise how they’re feeling about a particular situation if they write it into a story, because they empathise more with the character in the story than with themselves. Or it might feel cathartic to write a poem about what you’re going through, rather than feeling the weight of carrying it around inside you.

While some people write whole novels, there are lots of different mediums you can try, for example, flash fiction can be really short, just one page or paragraph. In fact, one of the easiest little exercises to try is a haiku! A haiku is a short poem, the first line is 5 syllables, the second line is 7 syllables, and the last line is another 5 syllables. This haiku shows the format:

I am first with five

Then seven in the middle --

Five again to end.

There are often writing groups where people meet up to write, talk about or share their creative writing, or perform spoken word or slam poetry. You can also discover lots of advice and guidance the the Young Writers website.  Your school teacher, local library or student union might also be a good place to start to see what there is to offer.  Click on the following links to find your nearest library in England and WalesNorthern Ireland or Scotland.

In this video, Young Champion, Maddi, talks about how she uses creative writing and spoken-word poetry as a form of expression and self-care:


What young people have told us:

'A way to express your thoughts and feelings. I often go back to pieces of mine and reflect on it.'

There isn’t much academic research in the area of self-care for young people who are living with mental health issues. We are trying to find out more about what works for different people so we can better advise other young people what to try.

If you’ve tried this activity when you were struggling in relation to your mental health, please let us know if it helped you and how by clicking on the ‘Did this activity help you’ button.

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