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  • Holding a foster child’s mind in mind: study protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trial of mentalization-based therapy (MBT) for foster families

    This trial is the first experimental study of a family therapeutic intervention based on attachment theory for foster families within the Scandinavian context. Authors: Thorup Dalgaard, N., Villumsen, A.M.A., Sørensen, K.M., Midgley, N., Væver, M.S., Almlund M., & Pontoppidan, M. (2023).

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  • ‘I’ve started my journey to coping better’: exploring adolescents’ journeys through an internet-based psychodynamic therapy (I-PDT) for depression

    This study aimed to address this by exploring adolescents’ expectations and experience of an internet-based psychodynamic therapy (I-PDT) for adolescent depression. Authors: MacKean, M., Lecchi, T., Mortimer, R., & Midgley, N. (2023).

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  • The alliance with young people: Where have we been, where are we going?

    This article aims to (a) critically review the existing knowledge on the alliance in youth psychotherapy from its definition to the existing research and (b) discuss some of the implications of this knowledge for clinical practice ad future research. Authors: Cirasola, A., Midgley, N. (2022).

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  • Therapist-guided internet-based psychodynamic therapy versus cognitive behavioural therapy for adolescent depression in Sweden: a randomised, clinical, non-inferiority trial

    This study compared internet-based psychodynamic therapy (IPDT) with an established evidence-based treatment (internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (ICBT)) for adolescents with depression. Authors: Mechler, J., Lindqvist, K., Carlbring, P., Topooco, N., Falkenström, F., Lilliengren, P., Andersson, G., Johansson, R., Midgley, N., Edbrooke-Childs, J., Dahl, H.-S. J., Sandell, R., Thorén, A., Ulberg, R., Bergsten, K. L., & Philips, B. (2022).

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  • The Reflective Fostering Programme fidelity rating scale: development and inter-rater reliability

    The purpose of this study is to describe the development of the 14-item reflective fostering fidelity rating (RFFR), an observational rating system to evaluate model fidelity of group facilitators in the Reflective Fostering Programme (RFP), a mentalisation-based psychoeducation programme to support foster carers. Authors: Midgley, N., Cirasola, A., Sprecher, E.A., Redfern, S., Wright, H., Rider, B. & Martin, P. (2023).

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  • Developing typologies in qualitative research: the use of ideal-type analysis

    This article is a summary of our approach to conducting ideal-type analysis. We hope that this article will help researchers to consider whether using ideal-type analysis may be a suitable approach for their own studies. Authors: Stapley, E., O’Keeffe, S., & Midgley, N. (2022).

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  • Personality disorders as a possible moderator of the effects of relational interventions in short-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy with depressed adolescents

    A significant proportion of adolescents suffering from major depressive disorder (MDD) are likely to have a co-morbid personality disorder (PD). Short-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy (STPP) was found to be one treatment of choice for adolescents suffering from MDD. Authors: Korsgaard, H.O., Ulberg, R., Hummelen, B., Midgley, N., Thorén, A., Dahl, H.J. (2022).

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  • Understanding treatment non-responders: a qualitative study of depressed adolescents' experiences of ‘unsuccessful’ psychotherapy

    This paper aimed to explore the experiences of depressed adolescents who completed but did not ‘respond’ to standard psychotherapy, based on a lack of improvement in pre-post symptoms scores. Authors: Mehta, A., Dykiert, D. & Midgley, N. (2023).

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  • “I didn’t have to look her in the eyes”—participants’ experiences of the therapeutic relationship in internet-based psychodynamic therapy for adolescent depression

    To explore young people’s perceptions of the relationship with the therapist in internet-based psychodynamic treatment for adolescent depression. Authors: Lindqvist, K., Mechler, J., Midgley, N., Carlbring, P., Carstorp, K., Neikter, H. K., Strid, F., Below, C.V. & Philips, B. (2022).

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