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  • At a glance: impact of HeadStart on secondary pupil absence, exclusion and attainment

    We aimed to investigate if HeadStart was effective in ameliorating school outcomes such as absence, exclusion and attainment. We also aimed to explore if synthetic control method was an appropriate methodology to investigate the effectiveness of area level interventions.

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  • Conducting economic evaluations of mental health and wellbeing early intervention and prevention programmes: Learning and insights from a real-world implementation context

    This study aims to explore the process of collecting and using cost data from programme implementers’ perspectives, in the context of delivering a prevention and early intervention programme in a real-world setting. Authors: Stapley, E., Herbert, K., Cattan, S., Deighton, J. (2022).

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  • Staff perspectives on HeadStart delivery

    This briefing summarises learning from the first year of the HeadStart programme, drawing on research interviews conducted with staff members at each partnership as part of the qualitative evaluation of HeadStart led by the Learning Team in the EBPU. Author: Stapley, E. (2017).

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  • HeadStart evidence briefing 14: Youth participation: models used to understand young people’s participation in school and community programmes

    This briefing will direct attention to different models of participation that currently exist within various systems of care and support. It is important to note that while many more participation models exist, the focus of this briefing is on those that make a clear distinction between categories of involvement and differentiate between the roles of providers and service users within their models. Authors: Dolaty, S., Tait, N., Brunskill, H. (2022).

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  • HeadStart evidence briefing 13: Young people’s experiences of HeadStart: 2017–2021

    The HeadStart Learning Team has conducted interviews with the same group of young people each year over the course of HeadStart. The interviews are about young people’s experiences of coping and receiving support (from the HeadStart programme and other professional or social sources) for difficult situations and feelings in life. Authors: Stapley, E., O'Neill, A., Demkowicz, I., Eisenstadt, M., Nicoll, C., Deighton, J. (2022).

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  • HeadStart evidence briefing 12: Changes in perceived social support during early adolescence

    Briefing drawing on pre-pandemic quantitative survey data, looking at the association between supportive relationships at school and mental health and well-being (most of our other coronavirus-related resources have focused on support from partnerships or families). Authors: Bear, H., Yoon, Y., Stock, S. Garland, L., Deighton, J. (2021).

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  • Factors associated with children and young people’s mental health in the English-speaking Caribbean region: systematic review and narrative synthesis

    Low and middle income and small developing countries often report high prevalence of mental health problems among children and young people (CYP). To identify some of the contributing factors we examined the available evidence from the English-speaking Caribbean. A review of 83 articles representing CYP ages 3 to 24 years from 13 countries revealed that individual, relationship, community and societal factors influence CYP’s mental health outcomes. Authors: Liverpool, S., Draoui, Y., Tucker, J., Pereira, B., Prescod, J., Owen, M., Trotman, C. (2023).

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  • Children and young people's mental health in the English-speaking Caribbean: a scoping review and evidence map

    Evidence from low- and middle-income countries and developing nations on children and young people's mental health is generally missed in the international narrative. This scoping review aimed to add to the body of evidence by providing an overview of the available research from the English-speaking Caribbean region. Authors: Liverpool, S., Pereira, B., Pollard, M., Prescod, J., Trotman, C. (2021).

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  • HeadStart evidence briefing 11: Does a brief, school-based intervention aimed at building resilience help children with emerging mental health difficulties?

    Summative evidence briefing on the Bounce Back intervention, delivered in HeadStart Newham. Looking at promising impact of the intervention. Authors: Humphrey, N., Panayiotou, M. (2021).

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