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  • Mental health coping strategies and support needs among marginalised further and higher education students in the UK: A cross-sectional study

    Students who are marginalised based on varying identities, backgrounds and characteristics are highly vulnerable to mental health challenges, but many do not receive appropriate support from healthcare services. This study examines the mental health coping strategies and support needs among marginalised students in the UK.

    Authors: Liverpool, S., Moinuddin, M., Bracegirdle, K., Eddison, J., Joseph, S., Aithal, S., Allen, E., Carmichael-Murphy, P., Marsden, J., McKenzie, H., Murphy, C., Owen, M., Patel, T., Raji, N., Roocroft, L., Fletcher, K., Karkou, V.

  • Parental Mentalizing in the Child Protection Context: Research and Clinical Perspectives

    The Lighthouse Parenting Programme (LPP) is a multifamily mentalization-based intervention for parents with child protection service involvement. The Supporting Parents Project was a randomized controlled trial of the LPP being delivered by children’s social care services.

    Authors: Sleed, M., Byrne, G., Fiorini, G.

  • Parental Reflective Functioning on the Parent Development Interview: A narrative review of measurement, association, and future directions

    This paper reviews and summarizes the research on parental mentalizing using the Parent Development Interview and the Reflective Functioning coding. It also describes the future developments for the measure.

    Authors: Slade, A., Sleed, M.

  • The impact of out-of-home care on brain development: a brief review of the neuroscientific evidence informing our understanding of children’s attachment outcomes

    Brief review of the neuroscientific findings that illuminate whether and how adverse early caregiving experiences impact on brain development and poor socioemotional outcomes in children in care, and how such evidence informs our understanding of attachment outcomes in this population.

    Authors: Oliveira, P

  • Supporting Children Transitioning to Secondary School: A Qualitative Investigation into Families’ Experiences of a Novel Online Intervention

    Level Up is a novel, UK-based intervention consisting of five online group sessions, straddling the summer holidays, and providing at-risk children and their parents/carers with skills to manage their behaviour, emotions, and relationships to support their transition to secondary school. A prior evaluation of Level Up reported a need to better describe the mechanisms of change. This study therefore evaluated the experiences of children and their parents/carers regarding the facilitators and barriers to engagement and change, and the perceived impact.

    Authors: Lange, A.M.C, Stapley, E., Merrick, H., & Hayes, D.

  • Constructs associated with youth crime and violence amongst 6-18 year olds: A systematic review of systematic reviews

    The aim of the present research was to identify constructs associated with youth crime and violence amongst 6-18 year olds. A systematic review of systematic reviews of constructs associated with youth crime and violence was conducted.

    Authors: Ullman, R., Lereya, S. T., Glendinnin, F., Deighton, J., Labno, A., Liverpool, S., & Edbrooke-Childs, J.

  • The impact of area level mental health interventions on outcomes for secondary school pupils: Evidence from the HeadStart programme in England

    In light of the dramatic rise in mental health disorders amongst adolescents seen in the past decade across the world, there is an urgent need for robust evidence on what works to combat this trend. This paper provides the first robust evaluation of the impacts on school outcomes of 6-year funding programme (HeadStart) for area-level mental health interventions for adolescents. Exploiting educational administrative data on ten cohorts of state-educated secondary school students, we use the synthetic control method to construct counterfactual outcomes for areas that received the funding. Authors: Cattan, S., Lereya, S. T., Yoon, Y., Gilbert, R., Deighton, D.

  • Association of Interparental Violence and Maternal Depression With Depression Among Adolescents at the Population and Individual Levell

    To examine the extent to which experiencing parental IPV and/or maternal depression before age 12 years is associated with depression at age 18 years at the population and individual level. Authors: Gondek, D., Howe, L. D., Gilbert, R., Feder, G., Howarth, E., Deighton, J., & Lacey, R. E.

  • At a glance: impact of HeadStart on secondary pupil absence, exclusion and attainment

    We aimed to investigate if HeadStart was effective in ameliorating school outcomes such as absence, exclusion and attainment. We also aimed to explore if synthetic control method was an appropriate methodology to investigate the effectiveness of area level interventions.

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