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Psychoeducation involves learning about and understanding mental health and wellbeing. It’s similar to physical education, where you learn about how your body works, how to look after it and the impacts of different strains or stressors - but instead you apply this to the mind. In fact, by being on this page you are practising psychoeducation!

Researching mental health and ways of improving it is a proactive step towards understanding yourself and looking after yourself better. You can practise this by discussing it with others or researching independently and trying out some of our self-care tiles to see what works for you.


What young people have told us:

'It can serve as a reminder on the darkest of days that you are not to blame for your experiences, and that there is hope for recovery.'

There isn’t much academic research in the area of self-care for young people who are living with mental health issues. We are trying to find out more about what works for different people so we can better advise other young people what to try.

If you’ve tried this activity when you were struggling in relation to your mental health, please let us know if it helped you and how by clicking on the ‘Did this activity help you’ button.