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About - family wellbeing - introduction

Our family wellbeing resources offer advice and guidance to help support the children and young people who may be struggling with poor mental health.  

All of the resources have been co-produced with parents and carers, including the Centre's Parent Champions and parents and carers from The Pears Family School, and content has been reviewed by the Centre's clinical team before publishing. The resources compliment those created for young people which can be found on On My Mind with the following key aims:

  1. To support parents and carers who are trying to navigate the mental health system on behalf of or in support of a child or young person.

  2. To help parents and carers to stay connected with their child to find solutions together.

  3. To help parents and carers communicate to schools, colleges and extended family.

  4. To highlight the importance of looking after yourself as a parent or carer.

  5. To signpost to trusted organisations who may help support a child or young person and their family and advocate on their behalf.

Collaborators and supporters

Our Parent and Carer pages have been produced by Centre staff in collaboration with our Young ChampionsParent Champions and mental health and wellbeing experts.

With special thanks to: