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Childhood trauma, migration and asylum: animation and toolkit for education settings

An animation and accompanying toolkit for education staff working with children and young people who have been affected by war, migration and asylum.

Being able to recognise when a child or young person you work with has experienced traumatic events is important so that you can provide helpful responses that support their recovery.

This animation and toolkit is designed for use by all educational staff working in schools, colleges and early years settings.

It covers areas including:

  • an overview of some of the experiences of trauma of children and young people seeking asylum

  • recognising reactions to trauma

  • responding to trauma in children and young people

  • supporting your own wellbeing

The resources and animation were created by the UK Trauma Council, which is a group of leading experts on childhood trauma.

Childhood trauma, war and conflict animation

This animation has been created for young people affected by war and conflict, and was co-produced by young people with lived experience of seeking asylum. It is available in a number of other languages.

  • Download the toolkit

    Download the toolkit for education staff.