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Classroom wellbeing toolkit

A toolkit for secondary school staff, sharing practical steps to promote and support mental health through everyday interactions with students.

This evidence-based toolkit, created in partnership with the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF), will help secondary school staff take steps to improve students’ mental health and wellbeing through everyday practices.

This new resource will help build teachers' confidence to address the needs of their students, covering five strategy areas on:

  • building supportive relationships

  • creating a classroom environment where all students feel they belong

  • promoting good mental health

  • responding to stress, low mood and anxiety

  • preventing bullying, cyberbullying and sexual harassment.

It is designed for secondary school subject teachers, but will also be useful for teaching assistants, librarians and other support staff.

It is not about asking teachers to be mental health professionals, but instead focuses on enhancing the quality of the classroom environment and staff–student relationships.

  • Download the toolkit

    Download the classroom wellbeing toolkit.