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Diversifying the curriculum to increase representation

An instructional case study from a school who set up a working group looking at diversifying their curriculum, and ensuring it is representative of their student population.

In order for children and young people to fully engage with their learning, they need to see themselves reflected in what they are learning about.

Not feeling represented in the curriculum can be disempowering and discouraging. This can negatively affect young people’s wellbeing, stopping them from achieving their full potential at school.

Diversifying the curriculum is something many schools may already be thinking about or undertaking, and is something that can have real benefits to students.

Wonu Adedoyin-Salau is Assistant Headteacher and Curriculum Leader of English at a school in East London.

In this case study, she explains some of the steps she took to set up a working group looking at diversifying her schools curriculum, with advice for school staff looking to follow the same path.

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