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How to practise cultural exchange in schools

Learn how to facilitate cultural exchange in schools and what things you need to consider.

Cultural exchange in general is defined as when people of two or more different backgrounds trade ideas, feelings, stories and customs.

Cultural exchange can be used as a form of creating dialogue and understanding diversity in communities to help build community relations and cohesion.

Some examples of cultural exchange in a school context may include:

  • A school trip to another country

  • Visiting a cultural venue, like a museum, that has exhibits and artefacts from different cultures around the world

  • A culture sharing event

For this resource, we’ll be focusing on culture sharing events; ways that schools can facilitate sharing between the different cultures that make up your school community.

The resource includes ideas for cultural exchange activities and what to keep in mind when planning them.

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    Download the guidance to learn how to practise cultural exchange in schools.