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Mental health seminars

Mental health and education experts at Anna Freud hold a free seminar every term on a different topic linked to mental health and wellbeing.

The seminars feature a range of experts from many different organisations, including the Early Intervention Foundation, UK Trauma Council and Education Support. The seminars always feature a speaker who currently works in a school or college, sharing practical advice and reflecting on their experiences.

How education staff can support students seeking refuge and asylum seminar

Mental health experts and those with lived experience of seeking asylum discuss how education practitioners can improve their understanding of the impact of traumatic events in those affected by war and conflict.

Talking about anxiety in schools and colleges seminar

In this seminar, we were joined by mental health and education experts to discuss what anxiety is, explore the difference between normal anxious feelings and anxiety disorders, and share practical advice on supporting pupils who are experiencing anxiety at school.

Healthy coping strategies for young people seminar

This seminar looks at healthy coping strategies that young people can use to deal with difficult emotions, and embedding a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Understanding emotionally-based school avoidance seminar

This seminar explores the topic of emotionally-based school avoidance and how schools, parents and professionals can best support young people who are affected.

Supporting students’ mental health through everyday interactions in school settings seminar

A seminar discussing a new toolkit from the Anna Freud Centre and the Early Intervention Foundation which provides guidance on practical steps school staff can take to promote and support mental health through their everyday interactions with students.

Building a whole-school approach to anti-racism seminar

The Honourable Stuart Lawrence, former Teacher, Campaigner and Author, Rosan McCall, Schools Outreach Therapist and Wonu Salau, Assistant Headteacher join Jaime Smith, Director of the Schools Division at the Anna Freud Centre to discuss anti-racism and mental health in schools.

An introduction to traumatic bereavement seminar

This seminar focuses on supporting staff, pupils and their families in dealing with bereavement; and in particular traumatic bereavement. The seminar, chaired by Schools Division Director Jaime Smith, hosted our colleagues from the UK Trauma Council (UKTC).

5 Steps seminar: Promoting Wellbeing

Chaired by our CEO Professor Peter Fonagy, the seminar explores how schools and FE colleges can integrate mental health and wellbeing across the whole curriculum.

5 Steps seminar: Understanding Need

This seminar explores how schools and colleges can use measurement tools to better to understand the mental health needs of their pupils. It includes presentations and slides from Professor Jess Deighton, Nick Tait and Dr Rebecca Somerfield.

5 Steps seminar: Leading Change

The first in our series of 5 Steps seminars, exploring the links between school leadership and mental health, and includes presentations and slides from Dr David Frost, Jaime Smith and Dr Julie Greer.