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Microaggressions: staff meeting presentation and guidance

A PowerPoint and guidance on delivering a presentation about microaggressions to staff members.

A microaggression is ‘an act or a remark that discriminates against one or more members of a minority group, either deliberately or by mistake’.

Research has found that experiencing microaggressions can have a significant impact on mental health.

Through this training, staff will learn more about:

  • what microaggressions are

  • the mental health impact of experiencing microaggressions

  • how to avoid committing microaggressions

  • what to do if they experience or witness a microaggression.

This training session is an introduction to the topic of microaggressions, and can easily be delivered by someone without much or any prior knowledge of the topic. It was designed to be delivered by a senior leader in a school to all school staff including support staff.

  • Download the PowerPoint

    Download the staff meeting presentation.

  • Download the accompanying guidance

    This guidance document will walk you through how to deliver the presentation on microaggressions.