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Self-care summer: advice for education staff

Self-care may not be the easiest thing for education staff to practise. 

Schools and colleges can be challenging environments to work in at times, and during term time, your focus will be on your pupils and your to-do list. That’s why the summer break can be the best time to develop good self-care habits, so that when term starts again, you may have techniques you can turn to in stressful times.

We have teamed up with Education Support to produce a guidance booklet and poster to help you have your own self-care summer.

The guidance covers three key areas, with tips shared for each area.

  • Prioritising rest

  • Reviewing boundaries

  • Prioritising healthy habits.

  • Download the booklet

    Download the booklet

    Download the guidance booklet, co-created by children’s mental health charity Anna Freud and education staff mental health charity Education Support.

  • Download the poster

    Download the poster

    Download the self-care summer poster to display in staff rooms.