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Supporting students who have experienced racism

Information for staff on how best to support a student who has experienced racism and where else to seek support.

Children and young people can experience racism in many different forms. It can include verbal abuse and name-calling; racist comments during a discussion or encouraging others to behave in a racist way. Sometimes racism can include damage to property, physical intimidation or violent attacks.

All schools should have a clear structure and process for reporting racist incidents, and must create one if they do not. It is important to create opportunities to hear students’ voices and to have a clear framework for reporting racist incidents.

Research has found links between experiencing racism and a detrimental impact to mental health.

This resource shares guidance for schools on how to support the mental health of a young person who has experienced racism, as well as how to address the incident and further suggestions for tackling racism in schools.

  • Download the resource

    Download the supporting students who have experienced racism booklet.