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About EYIM

Early Years in Mind is a free online network for early years practitioners. It provides easy to read and easy to use guidance on supporting the mental health of babies, young children and their families. The network was developed by mental health experts at Anna Freud and resources are created with our participation team and a variety of organisations with expertise relevant to the early years.

The network aims to:

  • Share learning, practical advice and co-designed resources rooted in attachment theory and relevant to current policy developments

  • Highlight practice that supports children and families who have been marginalised and experience societal inequalities

  • Promote a healthy, supported and connected workforce

For anyone working in healthcare, social care or childcare settings, attachment theory and relational practice offer an invaluable approach to working with babies, young children and their families. It can help practitioners to both support relationships between parents and carers and their children, and to build nurturing relationships with children themselves.

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Early Years in Mind has been produced by Centre staff, including:

Abel Fagin, Dr Abi Miranda, Alexandros Tsefos, Dr Alice Haynes, Anna Gine, Dr Camilla Rosan, Carol Broughton, Claudia Coussins, Claudia de Campos, Eloise Stevens, Fernanda Ruiz-Tagle Gonzalez, Fraser Anderson, Gavin Slee, Gema Hadridge, Inge Pretorius, Jenny Album, Jessica James, Katya Simoncelli, Joe Druce, Lorna Crossan, Matthew Doyle, Michela Biseo, Nicola Labuschagne, Dr Sarah Peter, Sharim Ponticelli, Tessa Baradon

With special thanks to: