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About this course

The AMBIT Client Skills Workshops are for AMBIT-trained individuals or teams and provide evidence-based theory and practical skills for working with specific issues, in AMBIT-influenced ways. 

This workshop will equip participants with practical skills in working with people (of any age) who are using substances. It will cover evidence-based practices from Motivational Interviewing (MI) and how to deliver these within a mentalizing and AMBIT framework.  

Using case examples, participants will practise as a group MI and mentalizing skills applied to a substance use context. These skills can equally be used in other settings where motivation is a key to bring about change.   

This is a practice-focussed workshop focussed on the Client quadrant of the AMBIT approach. We will invite participants to share their experiences of practise and create a wiki-manual page of learning and reflection of the workshop that is open source for all and will act a resource to maintain "Learning at Work".      

This is a live online training, with trainers present throughout. The training consists of an engaging combination of live teaching, group discussion, skills practice, and interactive online activities. 

James Fairbairn

Senior AMBIT Trainer

Liz Cracknell

Liz Cracknell

Joint AMBIT Programme Lead