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AMBIT: Local Facilitator Training

AMBIT (Adaptive Mentalization Based Integrative Treatment) is a mentalization-based approach for teams and systems working with people who have multiple needs.

About this training

AMBIT is used by teams who work in contexts characterised by complexity, high stress and risk, and who work with people of any age who may have reasons to find it difficult to trust in helping services. It is used in the UK and around the world by teams working in a range of health, social care, justice, education, and community settings.  

AMBIT consists of principles and practices that apply mentalizing to: 

  • direct work with  clients;

  • how we function and support one another in teams;

  • how we integrate and make sense of complex helping networks;

  • how teams and systems can maintain a culture of learning and adaptation.

Becoming an AMBIT local facilitator 

This is an intensive training that supports participants to become AMBIT local facilitators so that they can train their own team and/or other teams within their local system in AMBIT and to support the implementation of the approach over time. A minimum of two members of a team or system should attend because co-facilitation is crucial to delivering effective AMBIT training.  

Sending workers on AMBIT Local Facilitator training may be a more cost-effective and flexible approach to training your team/s or it may be a way to support sustainability for teams who have already been trained in AMBIT. 

This is not a highly prescriptive Train the Trainer approach. Instead, adaptation to context and local need is strongly encouraged. Local facilitators are supported in their training and implementation efforts through a package of follow-up supervision. 

In addition to the £1,000 per-person training fee, each team attending the training will be invoiced for 12 hours of post-training supervision and implementation support, priced at £2,100.

Who is this training for?

The course is suitable for people from a range of different professional backgrounds who work within helping services in health, social care, justice, education, and community settings. A minimum of two members of a team/system should attend. Previous training in AMBIT or other mentalizing approaches is not required. 

Contact us if you would like to think with us about the most appropriate team members to send to the local facilitator training.

Rebecca Smith


James Fairbain

Clinical Psychologist

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