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AMBIT Multi-Team Training

AMBIT (Adaptive Mentalization Based Integrative Treatment) is a mentalization-based approach for teams and systems working with people who have multiple needs.

About this training

AMBIT is used by teams who work in contexts characterised by complexity, high-stress and risk and who work with people of any age who may have reasons to find it difficult to trust in helping services. It is used in UK and around the world by teams working in a range of health, social care, justice, education, and community settings.

AMBIT consists of principles and practices that apply mentalizing to:

  • Direct work with clients;

  • How we function and support one another in teams;

  • How we integrate and make sense of complex helping networks;

  • How teams and systems can maintain a culture of learning and adaptation.

This multi-team training is ideal for small teams, or for individuals who are new starters in existing AMBIT-influenced teams. You will join other small teams in a training with a total group size of up to 25 people. This is a cost-effective training option for smaller teams. If you are a team of 16 or more people, it is equally cost-effective to commission a bespoke training (see below).

In addition to the training fee of £500 per person, each team attending the training will be invoiced for a minimum of 6 hours of post-training supervision and implementation support, priced at £1200 for 6 hours or £2100 for 12 hours.

Who is this training for?

The training is suitable for people from a range of different professional backgrounds who work within helping services in health, social care, justice, education, and community settings. This multi-team course is suitable for small teams of up to 15 people (larger teams are better served by commissioning a bespoke training, see below). Previous knowledge about mentalizing approaches is not required.

This training is also suitable for individuals or groups who are new starters in teams that have already been trained in AMBIT. AMBIT is a whole-team or whole-system approach and for this reason is otherwise not suitable for individuals.

Liz Cracknell

Liz Cracknell

Joint AMBIT Programme Lead

Dr Laura Talbot

Joint AMBIT Programme Lead

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