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    Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) and Mentalization

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    About this course

    This course is designed for psychotherapists who would like to find out more about mentalization.

    It explores the way we work with non-mentalising in depressed and anxious patients in order to restore our patients’ mentalising and reflective capacities. This will be achieved through the use of teaching, clinical illustrations, video clips, demonstrations and role plays.

    Some knowledge of Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy is recommended: you may have completed the training and be a DIT practitioner or supervisor; you may be mid-way through the training or you may be working as a psychotherapist or psychologist who is familiar with this brief psychotherapy model. 

    The course will cover:

    • Practical applications of mentalization-based therapy techniques in brief psychodynamic work with depressed and anxious patients

    • Recognising breaks in mentalization in this patient group

    • Techniques for restoring mentalization in our patients and ourselves

    • Mentalizing the transference and addressing breaches in the therapeutic alliance 

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    "...Often what a day at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families does is enliven/refresh the sometimes daily grind. For that I am very grateful. I enjoyed the day very much." - Participant, March 2015

    "Very useful for consolidating experience, and also for networking and gaining experience from peers. Also invaluable to experience Peter Fonagy's roleplays!" - Participant, March 2015