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Mentalization-Based Treatment: Reflective Parenting

Learn more about our Mentalization-Based Treatment: Reflective Parenting training.

About this training 

Reflective Parenting (RP) is a model of parenting which focuses on the application of theoretical ideas from mentalization, attachment theory and reflective functioning in promoting positive outcomes for children’s emotional and behavioural wellbeing, where there are difficulties in the parent-child relationship.    

This training will delve into applying mentalization, attachment theory, and reflective functioning for enhanced emotional and behavioural wellbeing in children. The course has been developed to address behavioural difficulties and emphasises parental self-mentalizing and collaboration in group settings.  

You will also be coached in using a range of mentalizing tools unique to the Reflective Parenting model, which helps parents to connect with their children in positive and meaningful ways.  

Aims of this training 

  • To learn about the key features of Reflective Parenting, its theoretical link to reflective functioning, attachment and theory of mind, and its application to working with parents with young children.

  • To promote practitioner abilities in employing a mentalizing stance in work with parents.

  • To develop practitioner skills in providing practical tools to parents to help explain and practice Reflective Parenting including the Parent APP and Parent Map.

  • To describe and part-train professionals in the running of a Reflective Parenting Group.

Who is this training for? 

This course caters to professionals in primary or secondary care, children’s centres, and mental health, aiming to support parents of 4 to 13-year-olds. Ideal for those running Reflective Parenting groups, it employs a co-facilitation model, encouraging two practitioners to train in RP. However, solo facilitators can also lead groups. Professionals working with individual parents can integrate mentalizing theory and RP tools into their practice. 

While not specifically designed for infant or adolescent parents, the mentalizing tools are adaptable across populations, with potential adaptations explored in training or separately with Dr. Theresa Schwaiger, Clinical Lead for RP. 

For tailored team training or if unsure about suitability, email us. You can also contact the training team for personalised discussions with course tutors. 

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