2nd November 2020

This is an online training - access to the online platform will be granted on the above date and you will have access for 10 months from this date


Online (joining instructions will be shared with registrants close to the event)
Online Training Programme - 6 hours learning content
6 hours content across videos and activities



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About this course

This self-guided online training will introduce participants to Mentalizing and Mentalization Based Treatments for Children, Young People, Families, Parents, Carers and Teams.  It will cover the theory of mentalization and its relevance to work with children, young people and families and will provide learners with a foundation for developing further skills in using a Mentalizing approach. 

Who is this training suitable for?

This training is suitable for professionals working with children, young people, parents, carers and teams who are interested in learning more about Mentalizing and Mentalization Based Treatments with children, young people and families.

This course is also a pre-requisite for attending the following MBT-CYP trainings:

  • MBT for Families (MBT-F)
  • MBT for Children (MBT-C)
  • MBT for Adolescents (MBT-A)
  • MBT: Reflective Parenting
  • MBT: Reflective Fostering

What to expect?

The training consists of a series of short videos, presentations and activities that span four hours and can be worked through at the learner’s pace.  Topics covered include: what is mentalizing and why its important; identifying effective and ineffective mentalizing; how mentalizing develops; its relevance in childhood, adolescence and family contexts; and will introduce the mentalizing stance which underpins Mentalization Based Treatments. 

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Completion of this course is essential prior to attending MBT-C, MBT-A, MBT-F, Reflective Parenting and Reflective Fostering and will ensure you have theoretical knowledge to get the most out of the training you are scheduled to attend.

If you have not yet selected a further MBT-CYP course to train in, this course will provide you with an introduction to these courses and support you in selecting the most appropriate course for your training and development needs.


When will I get access to An Introduction to MBT-CYP training?

Upon purchasing the programme, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please note access to the training will be granted once payment is received. On the above date you will receive an email with joining instructions. 

Should you require immediate access, please email training@annafreud.org to discuss your requirements. Access to the online training is granted for 10 months from the course date you purchased. 

I'm interested in attending an MBT-CYP training, such as MBT for Families. Is it better to purchase this alongside the MBT for Families training, rather than separately?

Yes, anyone who books on to one of our MBT-CYP trainings listed below, can add this Introductory training to their booking. It is cheaper to buy this pre-requisite training alongside an MBT-CYP (it is £100 for a license fee) training compared to purchasing it as a standalone training (which is £125 for a license fee).

MBT-CYP trainings which require you to have completed this Introductory training before the MBT-CYP training takes place are:

 Anyone purchasing a license to this training when booking a place on one of the above MBT-CYP trainings will be given access to this training one month before the MBT-CYP course starts.