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Parental Embodied Mentalizing Assessment (PEMA™): 8-week Reflective Practice

Learn more about our Parental Embodied Mentalizing Assessment (PEMA™): 8-week Reflective Practice training.

About this training

To use the PEMA reliably in clinical practice, it is necessary to complete an 8-week reflective practice group process. Participants will meet for 8 x 90-minute group video reflective practice sessions exploring the application of PEMA with pre-coded (standardized) training video samples. One tape needs to be coded per week in preparation for the reflective practice meeting. Additionally, participants will employ PEMA with videotaped parent-infant interactions from their own concurrent clinical practice for group reflection. In each reflective practice session, one trainee will present a video from their own practice to utilize in-depth reflective discussion and review of video materials to develop a case formulation based on the PEMA orientation.

Reflective practice groups are limited to 4 participants to ensure optimum training conditions in support of reliability and comprehension. Thus, each trainee will present two videos throughout the reflective practice. Trainees are required to reach 80% reliability with 5 pre-coded videos by the end of training in order to qualify for certification.

The course tutor will liaise with delegates during their attendance at the standard PEMA training to organise dates and times for the 8 x 90-minute group video reflective practice sessions.

Who is this training for?

This is suitable for those who have attended the standard PEMA training and want to become reliable in using PEMA as a clinical assessment tool.


Dr Rose Spencer

Dr Rose Spencer

Deputy Lead Principal Perinatal Psychologist

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