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Adult Inpatient Mental Health Settings

The four-day programme equips staff to trainer level and supports them to embed our approach and train staff in their own adult inpatient mental health settings. 

About this training 

This four-day National Autism Trainer Programme (NATP) training is co-produced and co-delivered by autistic people. You will have access to our unique curriculum, Community of Practice support sessions and specialist training days and we will support you to deliver the training in your setting with an autistic co-trainer. The four-day programme trains staff to trainer level and supports them to train staff in their own settings. 

Each training course runs over four days and is delivered completely online. Training cohorts have a maximum of 23 delegates to optimise each delegate’s experience and learning. 

Four-day training courses for those working in adult inpatient mental health settings taking place in 2024 can be booked now on a first come first served basis. 

Aims of the training  

During this training, you will: 

  • Discuss examples of existing good practice and innovative approaches of working with diagnosed and/or undiagnosed autistic people, rather than on or for them. 

  • Gain an understanding of the value of modelling collaborative, relational and person-centred values, with your colleagues and with the autistic people you support, and of promoting a balanced narrative about neurodiversity. 

  • Practise how to facilitate delivery of slides and animations in your service with the support of an autistic Expert by Experience co-trainer. 

To find out more about the adult inpatient mental health training, download the summary flyer.  

Who is this training for?  

The training is suitable for all NHS England mental health professionals who currently work or may work with diagnosed or undiagnosed autistic people in adult inpatient mental health settings. No specialist or high-level skills are required to attend this course. It is suitable for staff including, but not limited to: 

  • mental health practitioners/therapists/counsellors 

  • nurses 

  • psychiatrists 

  • social workers 

  • speech and language therapists 

  • occupational therapists 

 If you are not working for NHS England or are not based in the UK, you can find out about other Anna Freud short courses on autism by emailing 

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