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NATP Experts by Experience

Learn about and connect with NATP Experts by Experience, and book Experts by Experience training courses.

How to work with NATP Experts by Experience

The National Autism Trainer Programme (NATP) will be delivered to thousands of NHS trainers working in mental health settings, as well as staff working in residential special education, and health and justice settings, over three years.

NATP has a strong co-delivery ethos, which means that once qualified as NATP Trainers, staff will co-deliver the NATP curriculum back to their services with Experts by Experience (EbEs).

Experts by Experience are available to co-deliver training in your setting

NATP Trainers and EbEs will work together to deliver the training and enable staff to work in safe and neurodiversity-affirming ways, with diagnosed and undiagnosed autistic people. Experts by Experience are central to the successful implementation of the programme: co-delivering the training content, answering questions, and providing relevant accounts of their experiences.

Eligibility criteria for NATP Experts by Experience

The criteria for becoming an Expert by Experience for NATP include:

  1. Being autistic OR being a sibling/parent of an autistic person who has also experienced additional co-occurring mental health conditions (anxiety, depression, eating disorders, suicidality, psychosis, etc).

  2. Having experience as a service user of mental health services, residential special education and/or health and justice services.

  3. Not being a clinician/practitioner in one of these settings.

How to connect with an EbE to co-deliver training

When you qualify as a NATP Trainer, we can connect you with EbEs to co-deliver training in your work setting. You can choose an EbE with relevant experience, who has NATP certification to deliver training in your type of setting.

Please complete this form with details of your requirements, and the NATP team will be in touch shortly with EbE contact details who have NATP certification and relevant experience for your work setting.

For more general queries about working with EbEs you can email the team at

Experts by Experience training

Book the three-day training courses below to qualify as a NATP Expert by Experience, to co-deliver training in the six settings. Please read the Eligibility criteria before booking.