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Specialist refresher days and events

Find out about the NATP Conference, plus specialist refresher days to support your knowledge and skills as part of the NATP training course.


On 30 April 2024, we held the National Autism Trainer Programme Conference webinar to celebrate the first year of delivering the programme.

Specialist refresher days

Throughout 2024 we will be delivering regular refresher training days, to reorient NHS teams and NHS NATP Experts by Experience with a specialist focus on niche mental health topics. The specialist refresher days will build on participants’ knowledge and experience of the National Autism Trainer Programme four-day training.

These days will discuss examples of innovative approaches of working with, rather than on or for, autistic individuals, including how to reduce restrictive practices. They will consider applications of core frameworks including experience sensitive, trauma-informed and neuro-inclusive mental health approaches and also adapted therapies. We will cover niche topics such as eating disorders, depression, suicidality, and reducing restraint and seclusion.

The specialist refresher days offer a safe and stimulating space for professionals who work in:

  • Inpatient mental health settings (adult or children and young people (CYP),

  • Community mental health services (adult or CYP),

  • Residential special schools and colleges (CYP only),

  • Health and justice settings (CYP only).

Who is this training for?

In order to be eligible to attend, your service must be at least partially funded by the NHS and you must be a mental health professional, or be involved in exploring diagnostic or post-diagnostic support for autistic people.

You must also:

  • have completed the NATP four-day training and be qualified as a NATP trainer,

  • be currently enrolled on the four-day NATP training, or

  • be intending to enrol on the four-day NATP training in the future.

The specialist refresher days run from 10:00–16:00 and are delivered by autistic and non-autistic scientist practitioners and their family members.

We will provide details of our next specialist refresher days on this page shortly.

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