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Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT) for Reflective Fostering

Introducing MBT Reflective Fostering—an innovative approach transforming foster care for children and young people.

About this training  

Discover the impactful Reflective Fostering model developed by Dr Sheila Redfern, focusing on the application of mentalizing theory and practice in addressing difficulties in emotion regulation and perspective-taking. Our program empowers foster carers, adopters, and Looked After Children (LAC) professionals. With an emphasis on fostering mentalizing skills, our model equips carers to navigate high-conflict situations and address early developmental trauma in children transitioning to permanent adoption.   

Aims of the training  

  • Learn about the key features of Reflective Fostering and specific techniques associated with mentalizing 

  • Enhance practitioner skills in applying a mentalizing approach when working with professionals, foster carers, and adoptive parents. 

  • Support professionals in observing parent-child/young person relationships, identifying breaks in mentalizing and addressing them effectively. 

  • Develop expertise in delivering psychoeducation to foster carers and adoptive parents, focusing on understanding the impact of developmental trauma on current relational dynamics 

Who is this training for?

This course is ideal for those in social care, mental health, or private fostering, especially when training entire teams in the Reflective Fostering mentalizing approach. Local Authority Children Looked After Services may consider involving foster parents post-care proceedings.  

If you would be interested in training opportunities, please email If you are unsure if this training is right for you, contact the training team on, who will discuss your suitability with the course training tutors.  

Dr Sheila Redfern

Dr Sheila Redfern

Consultant clinical psychologist

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