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Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice, MSc

This two-year full-time programme combines multiple theoretical perspectives on child mental health with practical skills in working with children and families.

About the programme

This two-year full-time programme aims to provide a framework for developing an integrated understanding of child development and a range of childhood disorders, and to give students an opportunity to apply this understanding in a clinical setting, through a supervised placement in the second year within a mental health service.

The programme draws together theory, research and therapeutic thinking from a range of perspectives, including cognitive and clinical psychology, systemic theory, psychoanalysis and neuroscience to give students a well-rounded understanding of childhood disorders and their treatment.

Career Prospects*

Graduates from this programme have gone on to work with children and families in various therapeutic settings, or to undertake further doctoral-level clinical training, such as clinical psychology. Some of our graduates may also pursue research careers, including PhD study. Completing this MSc will help you develop several core clinical competencies and provide direct supervised experience of work in a child and adolescent mental health service, placing you in a strong position to proceed further clinical training, such as Clinical Psychology. *opportunities will vary depending on funding opportunities and eligibility criteria

Further Information

For more information about the programme, including content, structure and fees or to make an application, please visit the UCL website. You can also view our Programme Guide here.


We will be hosting a webinar for this programme on Wednesday 13 December 2023, as well as an open evening at the Anna Freud Centre on Thursday 18th January 2024. Please click here for more details.


For all enquiries related to this programme, please contact the Programme Officer.