David Trickey

David Trickey


Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families


David Trickey currently works as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the Specialist Trauma and Maltreatment Service at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, London (AFNCCF). He is the co-director of the UK Trauma Council. He has specialised in working with traumatised children, young people and their families since 2000. He continues to focus on direct clinical work and the supervision of other clinicians working with traumatised children and young people. He regularly offers training and consultation, he presents at international conferences, and he supervises doctoral research. He acts as an expert witness in civil and criminal cases in the area of children and trauma. In all of his roles he draws heavily on the published research literature, to which he has made a minor contribution.

Selected Publications

  • Trickey, D., & Meiser-Stedman, R. (2018). Advances in the Assessment of PTSD in Children and Young People. In L. J. Farrell, T. H. Ollendick, & P. Muris (Eds.), Innovations in CBT for Childhood Anxiety, OCD & PTSD: Cambridge University Press.
  • Trickey, D. (2017). Stress and Reactions to Stress in Children. In D. Skuse, H. Bruce & L. Dowdney (Eds.) Child Psychology and Psychiatry 3rd Edition: Frameworks for Clinical Training and Practice. Wiley
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  • Trickey, D. et al. (2012). Meta-analysis of risk factors for PTSD in trauma exposed children. Clinical Psychology Review, 32, 122-138.
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  • Trickey, D. (2008). Experiencing refugee status after previous trauma. In P. Appleton (Ed.) Children’s Anxiety – A Contextual Approach. Routledge.

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