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Youth Wellbeing Directory

Here at Anna Freud, we have decided to retire the Youth Wellbeing Directory from our website for the foreseeable future.

Last year at Anna Freud, we launched our Closing the Gap strategy for 2022-2026. Closing the Gap defines our commitment to closing the gaps in the mental health support of children and young people in the UK. To achieve this aim, we have set ourselves six goals to transform the mental health and wellbeing of current and future generations – and a seventh goal to transform our organisation.

As part of our organisational change process, we have reviewed our target audiences, and embarked upon a digital transformation - including the development of a new and refreshed website. We have also had to assess where we direct our resources to ensure the greatest impact. With these considerations in mind, we have decided not to reinstate the Youth Wellbeing Directory in its current form.

As we implement our new strategy, we will continue to review our website content and may decide to revisit hosting a directory in the future. There will still be a wide range of resources available on our website designed to help young people make informed choices about their mental health and wellbeing. The ‘ Children and young people's wellbeing’  section of our website signposts to organisations that hold information on services for young people.

We remain committed to transforming the mental health and wellbeing of this, and the next generation. We will continue working in partnership with organisations as we implement our new strategy.