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5 Steps Practice Examples

Hear from education colleagues on how they used 5 Steps to implement, adapt or improve their approach to mental health and wellbeing.

  • Ewell Castle School

    Carolyn Varney, School Counsellor at Ewell Castle School, reflects on implementing the 5 Steps Framework in her role, and the positive outcomes achieved.

  • Primary First Trust

    Kelly Hannaghan, formerly Wellbeing Associate at The Primary First Trust, shares her experience of using the 5 Steps Framework and the positive changes it has made.


“It has given a clear and concise package of instruction which has helped form the basis of a strategic framework which I have been able to share with SLT and Governors. The stages are clear and, as a result, I have been able to put MH provision at the forefront of the school agenda, for staff, students and community.”

“It has been extremely valuable and has helped us as a school see all the great things we are already doing and identify areas we need to improve in. It's one of the best auditing tools I have used in a school setting.”

"I have used all 5 stages as the basis for the whole school development plan for the school. I am getting buy in from SLT, staff and now MH is clearly on the agenda for the whole school.”

“The main reason we wanted to use this framework was for the action planning tool and resources to enable us to follow readily set out stages of development rather than starting from scratch ourselves.”