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5 Steps to Mental Health and Wellbeing user guide

More information on making the most of the 5 Steps framework in your school or college.

Welcome to 5 Steps

Thank you for signing up! The 5 Steps framework is an evidence-based offer that will help you develop your own approach to mental health and wellbeing in 5 simple steps. Our offer is developed by mental health and education experts for teachers and school leaders. It's interactive, it's simple and it's free. This guide will offer you insight into the background of the framework, the ways in which you can incorporate the framework in your setting and how to use the action planning tool. 

Using the framework

We are always looking to review and update our resources and case studies. If you would like to submit a short case study or testimonial about the work you are doing in your setting please email  

Why take a whole-school approach to mental health?