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Crestwood Community School

How Crestwood Community School offer support to all pupils and families.

We have a variety of strategies to support pupils and engage with parents and carers around mental health and wellbeing. All staff have up to date training on how and where to refer a pupil they feel has an additional need. Any member of staff noticing a concern will in the first instance notify the relevant Head of Year who can then refer to our internal pastoral team, school counsellor or outside agency as deemed necessary. We are successfully engaging parents and carers through various means. All staff are actively encouraged to make regular phone calls home sharing positives and negatives of their child’s day in school. This helps to build a positive relationship so when we have any concerns we wish to share it is easier. We are also lucky to have a headteacher who understands the importance of supporting the whole family. With this in mind we have a Home School Link worker who offers parenting courses, 1:1 support and is able to signpost or refer to other agencies when needed. Crestwood offers good all round support for students and their families and this involves taking pupils and their family to appointments when transportation is difficult. We are happy to, and often do, go that extra mile.