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Nurturing change

Supporting secure attachments in adoption, foster cate and special guardianships.

A national therapeutic service offering specialist support to foster and kinship carers, adoptive parents and special guardians and their children between 0-6 years: complete enquiry form.

Early attachment relationships have a powerful impact on children’s development. Disruptions in care, such as a change in caregivers, can be challenging for children. Research shows that early intervention can support both children and parents and carers and support children’s later development and wellbeing.

We provide a therapeutic service using the Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD) to support parents, carers and special guardians. VIPP-SD has a strong evidence-base, with research consistently showing it is effective in helping parents and children's development and wellbeing. It supports relationships between parents and carers and their children, helping the development of secure attachments by increasing parents’ and carers' sensitive responding and improving their attunement to the child. For these reasons, those who are caring for children who have had a difficult start in life can particularly benefit from this intervention.

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