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AMBIT Training Programme

  • AMBIT Training Programme

    Adaptive Mentalization-Based Integrative Treatment (AMBIT) is one of a number of emerging adaptations of MBT. The AMBIT approach provides tools for putting mentalization to use in work with clients, team colleagues and wider inter-agency networks, and is designed to support the development of both local excellence and evidence-based practice. It is as much a framework for local improvement and learning as it is a unitary and fixed method of therapy.

    AMBIT stresses the need for local adaptation, and the sharing of emerging evidence and best practice, using its award-winning wiki-based approach to treatment manualization - AMBIT Manual). 



  • 1. AMBIT Engagement Call

    In order to assist with the process of establishing whether the AMBIT Programme can be of help to a team or service, we follow up initial enquiries by scheduling an engagement call. This is a 30 minute telephone conference call between you (it can be more than one person as relevant) and either the AMBIT Programme Lead or Deputy Lead.

    More information on engagement calls can be found here.

  • 2. AMBIT Consultation Day

    An AMBIT consultation is offered as standard to all teams enquiring about undertaking AMBIT training, after the initial engagement call. The broad purpose of the consultation day is to reach a shared understanding with a team (or organisation) about whether embarking on AMBIT training will be useful to them and if so, what the training objectives might be. The meetings can involve senior managers, clinicians and all staff due to attend a training. The day will be facilitated by two trainers from the AMBIT Programme, one of whom will be the AMBIT Programme Lead or Deputy Lead.

    More information on consultation days can be found here.

  • 3. Training Packages

    There are various types of AMBIT training. These are:

    Multi-Team training

    Local Facilitator Training 

    Bespoke Team training


  • 4. Supervision Packages

    Train the Trainer Supervision

    Team members who have attended the Train the Trainer course receive six hours of supervision from a Lead AMBIT trainer to support the implementation of their local AMBIT training plan. The supervision can be split as the team sees most helpful i.e. 6 x one-hour conference calls, 12 x 30-minute calls, 2 x 3-hour face-to-face meetings at the Centre

    Individual and Group Supervision

    AMBIT-trained individuals/teams can request bespoke individual or group supervision packages from the AMBIT programme, to assist with their implementation of AMBIT. These are usually 60 minute sessions, either face-to-face at the Anna Freud Centre or by telephone, set at a mutually agreed frequency and duration.

    More information on AMBIT supervision packages can be found here