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Mental health toolkit for schools

Measuring and monitoring children and young people’s mental wellbeing


This toolkit aims to raise awareness amongst school and college staff of the range of validated tools that are available to help measure subjective mental wellbeing amongst the student population. This, in turn, will help school and college leaders make use of school and college level data to identify the mental wellbeing needs of students and determine how best to address these. Efforts taken by schools and colleges to promote the physical and mental health of the student population creates a virtuous circle, reinforcing attainment and achievement that in turn improves student wellbeing, enabling students to thrive and achieve their full potential.

To help school staff use the toolkit effectively, we recently filmed trainer Lee Atkins delivering our  'Measuring and Monitoring Children and Young People's Mental Wellbeing' training as part of our on-going support for schools. The video can be found online below.

Finally, we have developed a free Measuring Wellbeing eLearning module with CORC.  This eLearning aims to increase the awareness, understanding and confidence of non-specialist and school staff who support the wellbeing and mental health of children or young people to access the benefits associated with measuring mental wellbeing.  This short course offers a certificate upon completion.  For more details and to access the course, please click here.