Special Guardianship and Post Adoption Support Services

Who we help

The Adoption and Special Guardianship Support Services supports children, parents and carers before, during and after the making of Adoption or Special Guardianship Order, where:

  1. At least one child in the familiy who is under 18 years and subject of an Adoption or Special Guardianship Order
  2. All those with Parental Responsibility are aware of and agree to the referral

How we help

We offer services intend to improve relationships between parents/carers and their children, to address specific issues relating to children who have experienced early adverse experiences and changes of carers and to stabilise and strengthen placements/families into the future.

We offer a range of assessments and therapeutic input, including:

  • Multi-disciplinary assessments
  • Story Stem Assessment / Story Stem Plus
  • Mentalization Based Therapy for Families (MBT-F)
  • Mentalization Based Therapy for Adolescents (MBT-A)
  • Systemic Family Therapy (child(ren) and parents)
  • Video Interactive Guidance (VIG)
  • Parent Infant Psychotherapy (parent/child under 1 years)
  • Child Psychotherapy
  • Non-directive Play Therapy
  • Multifamily Group / Local Exchange for Adoptive Families (LEAF)


How much does it cost

Assessment and therapy can be funded via the Adoption Support Fund. Once a referral is accepted, a costing will be sent out. The Local Authority Social Worker will apply to the Adoption Support Fund and work will be scheduled once funding has been agreed. 

How to find out more

Click here to make a referral to our Special Guardian and Post Adoption service

For more information about the service, please contact Adrienne Jeffrey-Taylor, Clinical Support Officer


Telephone: +44 (0)20 7794 2313