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Saddleworth Primary School

Saddleworth Primary School explain the long term benefits of using CORC's Wellbeing Measurement for Schools survey.

This has enabled us to adapt our PSHE curriculum and launch our new version, which we are calling SPACE (Saddleworth).

CORC Wellbeing Measurement for Schools Survey

CORC Wellbeing Measurement for Schools Survey

At the start of the process, we emailed all Year 7 parents and carers with the information regarding this project and to obtain consent. We gained consent for over 70% of our students. Some parents and carers made contact to discuss why the school was doing this and we were able to explain that we could tailor our PSHE curriculum to meet the needs of this specific cohort. We then carried out the measurement survey through our current curriculum, by utilising computing lessons. This made the logistics easy and manageable, and ensured a high percentage completion rate. It also ensured that students felt supported and were able to speak to a member of staff (or be signposted to a member of staff) should they need to discuss anything specific. The long-term benefits of using this survey have been that we can match our curriculum to the needs of our learners – and we have an opportunity to quality assure this curriculum by hopefully using the survey again in Year 9, and assessing whether there have been cohort improvements in areas identified as requiring additional support.