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5 Steps Framework in Practice - Primary First Trust

Kelly Hannaghan, formerly Wellbeing Associate at The Primary First Trust, shares her experience of using the 5 Steps Framework and the positive changes it has made.

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The 5 Steps Framework is something that every school needs to know about

In my previous role as Wellbeing Associate at the Primary First Trust, and my current one as Wellbeing Consultant, I make it my business to keep up to date with the latest and most reliable mental wellness digital platforms. The Anna Freud Centre is my go-to place when seeking high-quality wellbeing resources for both young people and adult mental health.

I was delighted to form part of a pilot study in using the 5 Steps Framework within my former role as Wellbeing Associate. The starting point of this process was to hold regular network meetings with the Designated Mental Health Leads throughout the school year. This enabled me to introduce the structured framework and set achievable goals that were aligned with my vision of all schools putting wellbeing at the heart of education.

I used the framework with all schools within the Trust, and each of these developed action plans that have fed into their individual development strategies. I have seen incredible growth in mental health and wellbeing approaches across the Trust.

I am proud of seeing my wellbeing network go from strength to strength

The 5 Steps Framework covers all areas of mental health and wellbeing, including working together and identifying the wellbeing needs of pupils. Each of the steps is in the appropriate order, which makes navigating the framework a simple and time-saving process.

All of the valuable resources have complemented the training I delivered to Designated Mental Health Leads. 5 Steps provided our professionals with the tools to grow their provisions for wellbeing. I particularly like the audit tool as it gives a clear insight into the gaps within each school setting. Each leader updated their steps to success throughout the process, which provided me with the evidence to show they were making improvements in each of the five key areas for whole-school wellbeing. There is an abundance of helpful resources within the platform, including video links and downloadable templates.

I was proud to see my wellbeing network go from strength to strength in its ability to proactively evaluate, implement and monitor whole school approaches to mental wealth for both pupil and staff wellbeing. The 5 Steps framework was instrumental in helping my school community reach its mental health and wellbeing goals.