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Golden Week - One Degree Academy

One way in which One Degree Academy look after their staff is their termly Golden Week.

During Golden week, there are no meetings, either before or after school; staff are encouraged to leave school early. Each member of staff is assigned a wellbeing partner. Partners are responsible for ‘checking in’ with and supporting each other during the week (and beyond). Partners can frequently be found making well-timed cups of tea for each other, exchanging small gifts, writing notes of thanks or praise, covering duties, and generally engaging in random acts of kindness. The knock-on effect of this is striking. During Golden Week, other activities are put on for staff as a mark of thanks and a recognition of the stressful nature of the work we do. For example, we book a masseuse who provides massages for teachers throughout the day while SLT members are covering their classes. We also have a staff social or sporting event one evening during the week. Staff psychotherapeutic supervision is offered to all staff on a bi-weekly basis but this also coincides with Golden Week. Feedback is gathered through the termly staff survey which is used to assess staff wellbeing and morale and make necessary improvements.